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Chemistry, Materials & Pharmaceuticals

Our team of patent attorneys has a solid knowledge and experience in technical areas like Chemistry, Materials and Pharmaceuticals. Having PhDs or experience acquired in industry or postdoctoral positions, they have the tools to understand and solve complex problems in this area of science.

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Our team of patent attorneys has a deep understanding of organic, organometallic and polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical engineering and petrochemicals. They combine this understanding with their IP knowledge and experience to provide quality and effective service to a wide range of industries.

Our clients come from diverse sectors such as petroleum refining, plastics, photolithography, pulp and paper, explosives, natural products, chemical synthesis & processes, etc.

We have successfully advised our clients in relation to the recycling of polyurethanes, functionalised rubbers, gasoline additives, printing plates and pigments based on metallic complexes.


Following an impressive development in recent years, Material science has become the basis of important innovations: nanomaterials, LEDs, security and RFID markers, biomaterials, ceramics, graphene, etc. Our specialised patent attorneys have successfully advised clients in projects relating to graphene materials, digital enamel inks, composite materials for aircrafts, cellulose nanofibers, synthesis of nanowires, Atomic Quantum Clusters (AQCs) or RAMAN security markers.


We have a long experience in dealing with cases relating to the pharmaceutical industry. Some of our patent attorneys worked previously in this industry, it is within our identity from the very beginning. ABG’s patent attorneys have been collaborating with Spanish and multinational pharmaceutical companies, in therapeutic areas such as oncology, pain, auto-immune diseases, dermatology or neurology.

Our patent attorneys have been involved with blockbuster active ingredients, such as atorvastatine, finasteride, bilastine, docetaxel, cyclosporine, fenofibrate, telmisartan or humanized antibodies either building patent portfolios or in litigation.

We are also specialists in Supplementary Protection Certificates, having been involved in relevant cases both in Spain and the European Court of Justice.

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