Expert Opinions

ABG attorneys have taken part in some of the major patent/design infringement/nullity cases in Spain/Europe in a variety of technological areas, assisting lawyers in the technical part of the litigation procedure

Disputes in IP represent probably the most important aspect of the defence of IP rights. These disputes are normally designated to and handled by Courts with specialised members who, by virtue of their specialization and experience, are likely to have greater ability in the application of patent, design and trademark law.

Courts and Judges in Spain are usually assisted by technical expert witnesses which role and function in IP disputes (patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks) is to provide independent assistance to the Court by way of objective unbiased opinions in relation to matters within their expertise. This highly specialized task requires a combination of deep understanding of the technology involved, and a strong knowledge and practice of IP.

Several ABG Attorneys have such combination and an extensive experience in this particular and highly relevant task, participating as experts witness in national and multi-national litigation cases.

Due to its direct implication, our litigation attorneys also collaborate actively with our in-house ABG team of IP lawyers in cases wherein both points of views and expertise are necessary to ensure the best and complete defence of our clients IP rights.

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