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Our people

Knowledge and Teamwork

ABG team of IP professionals combines excellent academic qualifications, extensive technical and legal knowledge, and industry experience.

This combination underpins the high quality of our services and our dedication to our clients’ IP rights.

At ABG we have passion for knowledge. We work at the frontiers of science and IP law, providing our clients with advice and solutions that help their businesses. We specialize in complex situations, providing innovative legal solutions.

Our professionals work in teams designed to handle your projects, combining technical skills and legal experience to meet your goals. They are team players, trained to give their best, in an efficient and cost-conscious manner.

Most of our tem members are in-house trained. We allocate time and resources to ensure they are at the top of their profession, with the best qualifications and IP experience required to deal with today’s fast technological changes.

We value our client’s relationship. Our professionals are good communicators, they work with you to clearly understand your business objectives and design the best strategy to achieve them.  They will follow closely the projects, keeping you informed so you can take the right decisions concerning your IP assets.

We are very proud of our team of professionals: patent attorneys, lawyers, paralegals and support staff. They are all part of ABG’s success in providing a distinctive client service.

Francisco Bernardo and Juan Arias. ABG Founding Partners.

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