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IP Transactions & Assignments

ABG’s Legal team offers its clients legal advice on technology transfer agreements, negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts whose subject-matter refer to the ownership of results of research activities, commercialization of inventions (patented or not) and other intangible assets.

For example, we assist our clients drafting confidentiality, R&D, material transfer, joint venture, technology transfer, license and assignment agreements regarding patents, utility models, plant varieties, patent designs, distinctive signs, copyright, trade secrets and know-how, and also agency and distribution agreements. ABG assists its clients on the assessment of royalty rates in different fields of technology, and the terms and conditions of the technology transfer agreements to be entered into with other legal entities.

In particular, ABG is very active advising its clients on the assignment of technology initially owned by governmental agencies, research institutions and universities, as a first step towards creating a spin-off company with the purpose of commercialising the assigned technology often on an exclusive basis and globally.

Some of ABG’s legal teams’ members are ranked at the most reputed lnternational Legal Directories among the leading attorneys on IP transactions in Spain.

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