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Litigation & Opposition

ABG offers an innovative and high quality legal service in relation to IP. The combination of our deep legal and technical expertise allow us to solve cutting-edge legal issues and carry out effective litigation, even in the most complex and innovative areas of creation and technology

ABG’s Legal and Litigation Department offers its clients legal advice and guidance in four fields:

Internal company

In the company’s internal sphere and in the framework of their relations with suppliers and customers, the adoption of legal and organizational measures to achieve a successful protection of inventions, creations and works which may be protected under the patent, designs and copyright systems.

Relation with third parties

On the contractual level, negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts whose subject-matter refer to the ownership of results of research activities, commercialization of inventions (patented or not) and other intangible assets.

For example, we assist our clients drafting confidentiality, R&D and material transfer, joint venture, technology transfer, license and assignment agreements regarding patents, utility models, patent designs, distinctive signs, copyright, trade secrets and know-how, and also agency and distribution agreements.

Pre-contenious phase

We can help in:

  1. The adoption of measures to establish the existence, date of creation, ownership and scope of intangible assets.
  2. The drafting of cease and desist letters for infringement of intellectual property rights and trade secrets.
  3. The drafting and filing before the Courts of applications for verification and description of facts and other requests for information from potential defendants, in order to prepare action for infringement of patents, utility models, patent designs, distinctive signs, copyrights, trade secrets and for unfair competition.
  4. The application before the Courts of preliminary injunctions (ex parte and inter partes) and applications for gathering of critical evidence and protective letters.
  5. Requests for customs seizure of goods that might infringe intellectual property rights.

Enforcement and litigation

On the enforcement and litigation front, preparing and filing judicial actions on infringement, validity, and actions claiming the entitlement of patents, utility models, designs, distinctive signs, cancellation actions of distinctive signs, actions for copyright and trade secrets infringement and unfair competition.

Our services in this category:

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