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The appearance of a product can be a decisive factor in a buyer’s choice, especially if several products all have the same functionality. Nowadays, design plays an important role in the consumer market.

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Protect your design, preserve your competitiveness

At ABG Intellectual Property, we understand the importance of having the right protection on the shape and appearance of a product. We believe design is an important factor of competitiveness and may have considerable intrinsic value. If this value is not protected, it can be lost along with its market share, because others will copy and take advantage of the design.

Protection Strategy

Our Design Team can advise you on the best protection strategy by identifying the distinctive attributes of your design in order to gain the broadest protection in the countries of your interest in order to gain the broadest and effective protection.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in direct filing and prosecution of applications for Spanish, Community and International industrial designs, as well as in other territories through our trusted network of foreign partners.


Ou experts regularly advise companies in sectors as varied as electronic consumer products, fashion and accessories, sport products, spirits products, leather goods, vehicles, furniture, packaging and containers.


Our Design team is also very active supporting lawyers in litigation procedures. For instance, in one of the most remarkable cases, our attorneys successfully intervened actively in the defense of an alleged infringement of the appearance of an electronic device on behalf of one of the world’s leading electronic companies.


Additionally, our full range of services allow us provide additional protection, by means of other forms of Intellectual Property, as well as counseling in litigation or transactional proceedings.

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