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Validation of European Patents

If you have a granted European Patent, the next step is to validate it in the Contracting States where you want to have protection. The importance we place on the validation stage is no less than the one given to any other stage of the prosecution process.

ABG has been offering validation services to its clients since its foundation in 2003. Every translation is carefully reviewed by our own patent attorneys specialized in the technical area of the patent to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation. That is why it is vital to have a highly-qualified local representative.

We have a robust and tested double control system to avoid any mistake and guarantee a timely filing of the validation.

Not only we offer validation services in Spain but also in Portugal. By centralizing this service, we believe our clients will benefit from efficiency and less administrative work. With native Portuguese-speaking patent attorneys in our team, we are able to ensure the same standards of quality in both countries.

ABG’s experienced formalities team will keep you informed at every step of the validation process and provide you with efficient and competent administrative work.

We believe we are a strong and safe bet when it comes to validation work in Spain and Portugal.

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