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Patricia Guillén on the media: Cinco Días & La Ley

03 · 12 · 19 - ABGteam IP News - ABG IP

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  • Our colleague from the Legal & Litigation Department has appeared on the media this week due to her experience on trade secrets

The name of our colleague Patricia Guillén has appeared twice this week on the press. Two of the most important and specialized newspapers, Cinco Días, and the legal-oriented publication, Diario La Ley, have included the views of the ABG Intellectual Property’s Legal & Litigation Department attorney regarding the latest news about Trade Secrets in Spain.

Barcelona’s Courts always at the forefront

Patricia Guillén’s opinion is one of key points of the Cinco Días’ article, called “Los juzgados aprueban su protocolo para proteger los secretos empresariales”, (written by the journalist Patricia del Águila and published originally last December 2nd as part of the Legal section of the financial newspaper both, printed and online). The article focuses on the passing of the the new protocol that will serve to protect trade secrets on the civil procedure activated by Barcelona’s Corporate Court.

Patricia contributes with her opinion on the explanation about this new protocol, the advantages that it brings to the confidential information protection on civil procedures and the improvement areas that will allow the complete digitalization of the Spanish legal system.

In particular, our colleague considers that the protocol stands out as a useful tool that has to make the practice go towards the digitalization of confidential information protection. For example, via a data room virtual system with the right security measures so the physical custody of the documentation made by the Court Clerk is overcome.

The protection of all information considered as secret will be more effective if we achieve a full implementation of exclusively digital access systems to the data

General Council of the Judiciary ‘s (GCJ)pilot project

On the other hand, Patricia addresses the issue- in a now more complete and detailed way- the arrival of the new Protocol on the tribune article she wrote for the Diario La Ley online legal newspaper, and that was published on December 3rd under the title, “Nuevo protocolo para la protección de la información confidencial en el proceso judicial civil“.

On that article, she explains how the Protocol has been created within the context of the GCJ’s pilot project, which is set to conclude on the creation of the Trade Secrets Protection Court, at the same times she remarks that it is still on an initial phase and that its importance relies on, among other things, in the fact that its applicability is going to be extended to all civil procedures.

Also, the analysis made by Patricia allows us to know every single detail of the cause that has motivated this innovative action which is based on the need to define a common procedural practices and to create a standard procedure before the task of protecting companies’ confidential information in all kinds of corporate and civil practices.

Patricia Guillén is a litigator lawyer on the ABG Intellectual Property’s Legal & Litigation Department.

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