Advanced Patent Management

Our IP Management Program enables the customized legal protection of ideas

Preserve your trade secrets, protect your innovation

In order to create a robust portfolio of intangible assets for companies driven by scientific and technological innovation, a key task is the correct identification of inventions through patents or trade secrets.

The professional management of innovation:

  • Adds value to investments on R&D,
  • Obtains exclusivity vis-à-vis competitors
  • Helps monetize IP assets.

IP Management Program

For those companies, we offer a “IP Management Program” which enables the legal protection of ideas. The service consists of the customized design and implementation in the company of:

- Patent Harvesting

A trade secrets and know-how registration protocol, laboratory notebooks management system and inventions disclosure system for the inventions made by inventors-engineers to quick and effectively identify and lock inventions, designs and trade secrets.

- Patent Evaluation

A technical evaluation of inventions, allowing us to assess if they meet the patentability requirements, to define the optimal protection strategy and to evaluate if such inventions add value to and are in line with the company’s business.

- Legal management (Safe Patent)

System focused on the relevant contractual and legal aspects, the review/drafting of clauses contained in the contracts with inventors, employees, suppliers, collaborators, subcontractors, etc. to guarantee the confidentiality of the information that results in the invention, the assignment of the inventor’s rights to the employer and their mutual collaboration in the accreditation of the assignment and its scope and in the grant and enforcement of the intellectual property rights’ portfolio stemming from such intentions.

- Publication Clearance

A publications and communications clearance system within the company, in order to avoid the disclosure of valuable inventions and improvements, before their effective evaluation and protection.

- Patent training program

For employees, which is key to streamline the development of new inventions, the safeguard of trade secrets and the management of confidential information.

The IP Management Program is intented to cover the following risks:

  • Loss of the ability by the company to protect employees inventions through patents and trade secrets;
  • Evidentiary difficulties regarding the identity of the inventors;
  • Problems regarding the ownership of the invention;
  • Disclosure of the invention and, as a result, the impossibility of protection under the patent – for non-compliance with the novelty requirement – or trade secrets systems – for non-observance of the secrecy of the information requirement – .
  • Problems regarding the patentability and plausibility of the invention (insufficiency of description and data showing the ability to solve the technical problem).

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