We are finalists in the Intellectual Property category of the upcoming Expansión Jurídico Awards

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For third year in a row, ABG Intellectual Property has become finalist in the VII Expansión Jurídico Awards. The economic daily reports that they received over 300 applications and made their selection in 21 different categories. In the case of ABG IP, we are nominated for the Best Intellectual Property Firm Award, a category in which we provide comprehensive services to innovative organisations of all sizes and sectors.

“Specialization in specific key areas of practise for our country’s enterprises is a draw for clients who are also looking for a quality multidisciplinary service in their reference offices,” Expansión says.

This statement is shared by ABG IP. Regarding the acquisition and enforcement of intellectual property rights, it is essential to combine legal expertise and scientific-technical knowledge at the highest level in order to offer a quality service that meets our clients’ expectations.

It is a particularly complex and demanding subject that necessitates specialists from numerous disciplines as well as intense and precise teamwork to obtain effective results. As a result, we believe that our team’s high level of training and experience is, without a question, our most valuable asset.

We consider that this selection as finalists in the Expansión Jurídico Awards is a recognition of our way of doing things, based on the excellence of our daily work, and the transparency and honesty with our clients. We wish to thank everyone who helped make it happen, especially to the Legal & Litigation team, led by Laura Montoya. We also take this opportunity to congratulate the other candidate firms.

ABG is a leading European IP firm. ABG’s more than 60 professionals combine experience, outstanding technical knowledge and deep legal expertise to be at the forefront of IP law.
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