IAM Patent 1000 highlights all our partners and awards us gold in patent prosecution for the eleventh consecutive year

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We are glad to announce that we have received the highest honour (gold) in the area “patent prosecution” and bronze in the field of “litigation” in the IAM Patent 1000 ranking 2022 produced by the magazine Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).

“IAM undertakes exhaustive qualitative research, identifying top firms and individuals based on their depth of expertise, market presence and sophistication of work”, the publication says. It also assert that its team has interviewed thousands of IP professionals working in-house or from private practice over a five-month period.

“The ideal choice for prosecution work”

An evidence of this research is the in-depth analyses they provide about each of the companies they list, in which they not only reflect the activity that was done during that exercise but also gather clients and interviewees feedback.

“The ideal choice for prosecution work, ABG has a modern and commercial approach and outperforms other firms in terms of clarity, efficiency and diligence. Its experts have an in-depth understanding of business needs and their commitment to quality is remarkable”, it is one of the comments about our work that they have published.

In addition, the publication adds “The outfit has established itself as a reliable sounding board for domestic start-ups and SMEs aiming to grow into the market, as well as multinational corporations looking to enter the region.”

Our six partners and the associate in charge of our legal & litigation department are “Recommended individuals”

In addition to evaluating the firms as a whole, the report analyzes the professionals who comprise each of them. This year seven members of our team have been recognized as “Recommended individuals”: for the first time, all our partners have been highlighted, and the associate in charge of our legal and litigation department has been included again for the second consecutive year.

We reproduce the comments that IAM Patent 1000 has dedicated to each of them below.

In the chemistry arena, Juan Arias is the name to note. “Juan is an extremely conscientious, thorough and insightful practitioner, who leads a very strong life sciences team. He promptly delivers in-depth assessments on extremely complex subjects too.”

Alongside Arias, Almudena Fernández has over two decades of experience, and together the pair have recently been advising Técnicas Reunidas on the best IP strategy for their whole portfolio. 

Fellow chemist Enric Carbonell receives warm plaudits from his patrons: “Enric is one of the best attorneys we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He immediately understands our commercial requirements and responds in a timely manner. He undoubtedly has other clients, but because of his undivided attention to us, we feel like we were the only ones he has.”

Biotechnology ace, Agustín Alconada has a pharmacy PhD and effortlessly gets to grips with his patrons’ inventions, which alongside his previous experience as a European Patent Office (EPO) examiner, means that he knows exactly what it takes to get applications through to grant. 

Outside of the life sciences, Fernando Prieto and IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Pablo Calvo operate in the field of electromechanics. Lately Prieto has been prosecuting applications relating to fintech, AI-based systems and blockchain on behalf of Spanish bank BBVA; while Calvo is managing American automotive supplier BorgWarner Inc’s entire IP portfolio. 

Although ABG is mostly known for its prosecution services, it also provides contentious support in the form of Laura Montoya, a lawyer with nearly 20 years of experience. She is a fitting choice for complex disputes and licensing agreements.

Reading these compliments is undoubtedly a source of satisfaction and pride, but it is even more so to consider that we continue to receive these praises year after year. We perceive them as the result of our devotion to quality and excellence, which we maintain with our clients every day and which, in addition to their satisfaction, give us with these other rewards. We’d want to take this chance to thank them, our staff, and IAM for putting together this report. 

The full review can be read by clicking here.

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