ABG IP contributes to the industrialization of the start-ups of the IQS Next Tech program with training in industrial property and individual advice

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  • Enric Carbonell, partner of ABG Intellectual Property in charge of the Barcelona office, offers the conference “The Start-Ups and Patents”
  • Mª Dolores Fernández-Villa, Alberto Betegón and Enric Carbonell individually advise the industrial Start-Ups of the IQS Next Tech program

An innovative idea is the seed on which a start-up grows and protecting inventions is critical to securing the future of these start-ups. That is why the team of ABG Intellectual Property has collaborated in the IQS Next Tech program. It involves 10 start-ups that already have a prototype and whose next whose next challenge is to industrialize such technology.

Taking on this challenge, undoubtedly involves developing a strategy for the protection of industrial property rights and, for this, previous studies and reports and a definition of future objectives are necessary. In his presentation “The Start-Ups and Patents”Enric Carbonell, partner of ABG Intellectual Property in charge of the Barcelona office, made a first approach to the world of intellectual property.

Enric proposed some questions that the heads of any start-ups should ask to themselves about intellectual property rights before taking any decision on this field. He discussed on the pros and cons of patenting an invention, the risks associated to it and the business opportunities that will be opened in the development of a company,  so they could understand the relevancy of the IP rights.

Individualized advice for start-ups

Depending on the invention and its future plans, each of these start-ups will need to design its own industrial and intellectual property protection strategy. For this reason, Mª Dolores Fernández-Villa, Alberto Betegón, from the Engineering and Physics team of ABG Intellectual Property, joined Enric Carbonell and advised in one-to-one sessions to the following start-ups:

Kibus Petcare: they have created the first appliance capable of cooking pet food 100% natural, healthy and automatically.

Biel Glasses have developed Biel Smartgaze, revolutionary smart glasses that improve the visual perception, mobility and personal autonomy of people with low vision.

Steering Machines: they have developed the first robotic deck with conventional wheels capable of moving in all directions, thus facilitating the mobility of products on any surface and with any load.

ENGIDI: they have designed and created a wearable that is located inside the protective helmet and monitors the safety of workers in the industrial sector to make the safest and most efficient working environments.

MiWEndo Solutions: an accessory designed to be placed on the end of a standard colonoscope for automating the detection of malignant polyps without changing clinical practice.

Groots Urban Farming: they have developed a technology in the form of a vertical urban garden that grows local and sustainable products, without the use of pesticides.

Sonicat Systems: they have created a system to prevent the crystallization of honey and maintain its properties through high-powered ultrasound.

The leaders of these start-ups received expert advice from ABG Intellectual Property team members and were able to discover the importance of aligning the IP strategy and making it part of the business strategy.

This is the third edition of the IQS Next tech program, the first industrial acceleration program in Spain organized by IQS Tech Factory with the collaboration of the ACCIÓ of the Generalitat de Catalunya. For six months, selected startups will attend to different theoretical training sessions, workshops and company visits and know success stories that will help them to bring their innovative products to the market at a mass scale.

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