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Following the tradition of the last 8 years, our Open Day for children of ABG Intellectual Property’s employees was celebrated at our offices located in Chamartín (Madrid) during Christmas.

The children could visit their parent’s workplace as well as enjoy a day full of activities prepared for them and games organized by instructors. The first day was especially for the youngest, between 3 to 8 years. The second and the last day was enjoyed by children from 8 to 12. Our company was glad for having a special guests: “Fundación Creality”. This Foundation helps to improve the life of persons in risk of social exclusion through specially trained animals. It was a nice detail that the kids donated their presents given by the “Reyes Magos” (Three Kings) to Creality.

We want to thank all those who came to visit us, and also thank the whole team that was in charge of organizing the Open Day. It was a complete success!


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