ABG Intellectual Property celebrates its Open Day 2019-2020 for children

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  • Team member’s children have enjoyed handicrafts, activities and games for nine years in a row due to Holidays Season.

No one can deny at this point that the youngest in the household are the ones who take all the limelight during Holidays Season. According to its tradition, ABG Intellectual Property has organized a new Open Day for all the kids of our team to bring Christmas spirit to their parents’ workplace. This 2019-2020 season, the company has organized the visits in two days: 30 December, dedicated to minors with ages between 8 and 12, and the second one, celebrated on 3 January, were our guests were children from 3 to 8 years old.

Handicrafts and Guindilla‘s visit

The first Open Day started with handicrafts workshops and games. Under a couple of instructor’s supervision, the boys and girls created candle holders and magnets and played different board games.

After visiting their parents at their respective desks, Creality Foundation gave them a big surprise by taking a very special guest to the Open Day: Guindilla, a two-years-old Labrador’s puppet that has been trained to accompany people who are in social exclusion situation. Héctor, Ana and Elena, the Foundation’s representatives, explained the labour of this animals, gave details of the training process they follow and coordinated the preparation of special cookies that were given as a treat to Guindilla in such an emotional event.

The little ones get ready for the Three Wise Men’s arrival

The little ones prepared themselves for the Three Wise Men arrival during their visit to ABG Intellectual Property main Office, enjoying a whole morning full of games and handicrafts.

The children’s excitement was so contagious that was passed to their parents and the rest of the ABG team when they ran across the office to show all the items they had created, which included bookmarks and Christmas tree decorations. It was under that tree where they got some presents as an advance to the official arrival of the Three Wise Men.

One more year, childohood’s spontaneity and innocence achieved big success at ABG Intellectual Property.



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