ABG IP against the invasion of Ukraine

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ABG Intellectual Property strongly condemns the illegitimate armed invasion of Ukraine ordered by Russian Federation President, Vladimir Putin. Our organization supports all national and international efforts to put an end to this unlawful and immoral war, which also threatens European and global stability.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims of this deplorable aggression, who are currently suffering and fearing for their lives.

Despite our limited resources, ABG IP will do everything in our hands to assist and support them, and we urge everyone reading these lines to do the same.

We have supported economically the Ukraine-focused campaigns conducted by Save the Children and Cáritas. We share their contac data below in order to encourage readers to make a donation, so that they may continue to assist the civilian population who are victims of this heinous attack:

      • Save The Children: here
      • Cáritas con Ucrania: here

Finally, request that national and international institutions undertake all necessary steps to ensure that Russia terminates its offensive, exits Ukraine, and returns to the diplomatic route.

The war will not bring us peace

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