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Engineering & Physics

The term engineer and by extension engineering comes from the Latin root-word ‘gene’, which means to create, invent, or bring forth. Thus, there is an innate quality in our vocation to enhance aspects of our modern lives by innovation. In turn, physics set the foundations on which these engineering innovations can be accomplished, and therefore there is a fine line therebetween.

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Since the very beginning of IP, the Engineering & Physics field is one of the most innovative-intensive area, and that is why not only a good knowledge and  experience is expected to us, but also having a big insight on the related industry.

Our attorneys provide worldwide experience tailored to our client needs. We work with each link of the industry chain, from single inventors or startups to private companies with a large technology portfolio, dealing with colorful fields such as Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Devices (MedTech), Military, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Transportation & Automotive, Green Energies, Packaging, Manufacturing & Automation. In helping our clients tackle their IP challenges and deliver distinctive and effective IP protection, our team need to be highly familiarized with semiconductors, optics, acoustics, petro-physics, fluid mechanics, and alloy physics, among others.

The appropriate service depends on the client’s interests across the areas of IP, including patentability studies, drafting and prosecuting patent applications worldwide, filing and defending against oppositions, preparation of Freedom to Operate reports, due diligence and technology surveillance.

Our attorneys have also been involved in some of the major patent infringement/nullity cases in Spain relating to engineering and physics inventions assisting attorneys at law by preparing expert opinions and being cross-examined in the local courts.

We understand that bright ideas will lead to the ‘next big thing’, becoming tremendously valuable in short/mid-term. Hence, we think that a practical and sincere IP-related advice is essential in protecting the leitmotif of next industry transformation you artfully worked on.

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