ABG IP collaborates with MeBattery, a project funded by the European Innovation Council that develops a prototype of an eco-friendly and long-lasting battery

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Developing the next generation battery technology relying on a combination of fundamentally new thermodynamical concepts is the aim of the MeBattery project, which is funded by the European Innovation Council and involves six organisations (universities and research centres) from four European countries.

Among them is the University of Burgos, which serves as coordinator as well. It recently hosted a technology transfer workshop in which our managing partner, Juan Arias, and our Chemistry & Materials department’s patent advisor Virginia Gómez and took part.

“The Patenting Process: From Lab to Law” was the title of the presentation given by the members of the ABG IP team. Both European Patent Attorneys explained during their talk the requirements for patentability, as well as the various protection figures and components of a patent application.

Aside from the benefits of protecting inventions through intellectual property rights, both experts highlighted the utility of patent data bases as a source of information on cutting-edge technology.

Various experts from the energy storage industry, including Cidetec, Imdea Materials & Floatech, B5Tec, and BCMaterials & Fuelium, took part in the day’s event. All of them shared their recommendations with the attendees in order to ensure that advances and discoveries reach the industry.

ABG Intellectual Property has extensive experience in the drafting of patent applications in the fields of batteries and energy storage. We hope that our participation in this workshop contributes to the success of a project whose ultimate goal is the development of carbon-free and sustainable energy solutions for the benefit of society.

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