New European Patent Attorney at ABG IP: Virginia Gómez

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Virginia Gómez, patent adviser in the Chemistry & Materials Department of ABG Intellectual Property, has successfully passed the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) that accredits her as a European Patent Attorney (EPA). The exams -whose results have just been made public- were held last March and are known for their high level of demand.

As a result, Virginia will be on the list of representatives before the European Patent Office (EPO), having proved that she has a deep knowledge not only in European Patent Law, but also in the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the Paris Convention, the EPO Board of Appeal´s Case Law, and other national legislation of interest.

Our colleague thus becomes the 18th qualified european patent attorney in the ABG Intellectual Property team. At a national level, it will join the 240 Spanish representatives before the EPO that are currently on the official list (the professionals who have just passed the EQE exams have not been yet included).

With regard to Virginia’s impressive resume, the title will be added to the plethora of accolades she has received throughout her academic and professional career. Among them, it should be noted that this PhD in Chemistry became an Spanish Patent and Trademark Agent in 2019, a title that qualifies her before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

For ABG Intellectual Property, Virginia Gómez’s inclusion on our team is a source of great pride, and we are thrilled that she has overcome this difficult professional challenge.


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