Iain McGeoch, new associate at ABG

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Iain McGeoch as an associate of ABG Intellectual Property.

Iain joined the ABG team in 2014 and his career has since evolved impeccably, his track record including opening our firm’s offices in his homeland, the Basque Country, in 2017; his certification as a European Patent Attorney (2019); and receiving the “IP Rising Star” recognition from Managing IP (2019). His appointment has been determined by his proactive attitude, perfectionism and talent, making him an asset of great value to the company.

Iain holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Glasgow, where he was awarded the Professor William Parker Memorial Medal for being the best student in his class. He then received a select scholarship from amongst 250 people from the University of Oxford for cancer research, specifically for the identification and development of PRMT and N-acetylhexosaminidase inhibitors.

During a break in his academic career, Iain joined the pharmaceutical industry and worked on the synthesis and structure-activity relationships of antipsychotic compounds at the US multinational Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD).

Developing the potential of an employee´s talent is part of ABG Intellectual Property’s commitment to each and every member of the team. We believe that Iain is an excellent example of this and therefore, it is with satisfaction we can communicate his progression to this new stage of his professional career. We take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment and involvement and to wish him every success in his new role.

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