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Our services in trademarks have been selected in the twelfth edition of the WTR100 ranking prepared by the prestigious specialized magazine World Trademark Review. The great novelty of this year is the selection of the Head of our Legal & Litigation Department, Laura Montoya, as a recommended practitioner in the “Enforcement and litigation” category, which is added to the already usual inclusion in the “Prosecution and strategy” category of ABG Intellectual Property as a firm and of Christine Weimann and Inés Cantero as the trademark advisors.

“ABG’s “highly qualified” practitioners “anticipate clients’ needs, identify the most effective ways to support them and form solid relationships in order to better understand their commercial objectives”. While prosecution services are its bread and butter, it has significantly bolstered its legal offering since the arrival of Laura Montoya in August 2020”, the publication states.

 To conduct its prestigious study, WTR claims to have made a rigorous selection of professionals and to have collected their opinion in different ways during a four-month period. Their goal is to help companies select the right partner because “lawyers and attorneys in private practice play a significant role in developing and implementing brand strategies for clients, as well as protecting them in the event of infringement”.

Christine Weimann, Inés Cantero and Laura Montoya, individually selected as practitioners

“On the prosecution front, the twin pillars are Christine Weimann and Ines Cantero”, says this year the WTR review

Since 2015, Christine Weimann, founder and Head of the ABG IP Trademarks Department, has been recognized in this ranking for her work. About her, it is stated in his most recent edition:

“Weimann captains the team, providing business-minded counsel to domestic enterprises and multinationals across an array of industries

Five years later, in 2020, the list featured Inés Cantero, a former EUIPO examiner and ABG IP trademark advisor, as a recommended specialist, of whom this year it is said:

“Cantero stands out for her “quick, clear, and successful solutions – the most important qualities in an IP agent”

 But, as mentioned at the beginning, the great novelty of this edition of WTR 1000 is the inclusion as a specialist of the Head of ABG IP Legal & Litigation Department, Laura Montoya, in the category “Enforcement and litigation”. The publication says about her:

“She brings almost two decades of experience to her role as head of litigation and is currently working on an enforcement action for a leading German confectioner”.

 There is no recognition without effort and the excellent work that these great professionals do every day supported by their respective teams is what has made them worthy of this classification. At ABG IP we are very proud of all of them and it is a source of great joy that WTR 1000 recognizes our trademarks services. Congratulations team!

The ranking is available by clicking here

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