ABG IP collaborates with the CaixaResearch Validate programme to break down barriers between the laboratory and patients

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The process of creating value from knowledge is known as valorisation, and it can be achieved with industrial property rights which prove to be a key tool. “La Caixa” Foundation’s CaixaResearch Validate programme also interprets valorisation in this way and that’s why our partner in charge of the Barcelona office, Enric Carbonell, was one of the speakers participating in the training session organised for researchers selected in its 2022 edition.

New therapies and drugs, clinical devices, diagnostic techniques and a digital health project are the advances that the scientists chosen this year are developing. If they successfully enter the market, their results would benefit a tremendous number of patients affected by different illnesses ranging from cancer to lung, eye or stomach problems, among many others.

Financing and training

To help these early stage projects (TRL 1-4) in the field of health and life sciences become a reality and make the leap from the laboratory to society, the CaixaResearch Validate programme offers:

  • Financial support of up to €100,000 to develop a valorisation and commercialisation plan aimed at using protected or protectable assets resulting from research.
  • Mentors and experts to monitor and support their project
  • Specialised training in key areas: project management, technology transfer, industrial property, financing and commercialisation tools, negotiations.

Providing model or patent protection of the results, an essential requirement

This last point includes the presentation on “Patent Protection of Pharmaceutical Developments” given by ABG IP’s European Patent Attorney, Enric Carbonell, on Tuesday, 19 July at the UPF Barcelona School of Management. In addition to theoretical matters related to industrial property prosecution, granting and litigation, our partner also included practical cases illustrating the issues discussed in his presentation.

This content is of great interest for any research project, but it is even more relevant for those selected to be part of the CaixaResearch Validate programme. This is because during the training session our partner in charge of the Barcelona office also provided them with advice on the ideal industrial property strategy in different situations.

The training phase that is currently underway will continue with theoretical sessions on financing and market entry until October of this year. From that point on, the beneficiaries will have two years to implement the projects and achieve their objectives that we will all ultimately benefit from.

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