ABG IP collaborates in the Master in Development, Production, Control and Quality Assurance and Drug Registry (MFIR)

As previous years, and for the sixth time, Juan Arias y André Santos, members of ABG’ chemistry, materials & pharmaceuticals department  have given two lectures at the current edition of the “Master in Development, Production, Control and Quality Assurance and Drug Registry” (MFIR) organized by ESAME Pharmaceutical Business School.

The sessions took place on the 26 and 27 of November and the topics to be discussed were the following:

  • Industrial Property and Patents: how to search for information in patent databases.
  • Industrial Property and Patents: What is patentable and what is not. Requirements of patentability: novelty, inventive activity and industrial application. Types of patents and degree of protection.
  • Industrial Property and Patents: Practical cases on pharmaceutical patents.


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