ABG Intellectual Property participates in a seminar on “Creation and Management of Innovation based Companies”

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Pablo Calvo, European Patent Attorney and Partner at ABG’s Engineering & Physics department, will give a lecture in the course Creation and Management of Innovation based companies” . The presentation exposed by Pablo is going to be held in Centro Joxe Mari Korta in Donostia, (Gipuzkoa), next Friday 21st of June 2019 from 9:30 until 14:30.

Pablo Calvo will introduce the “IP strategy in scientific and technological projects”, his presentation includes important subjects such as:

  • Modalities of protection for the innovation and examples.
  • The patents system to obtain exclusivity.
  • Licencing of IP assets.
  • Trade secret.

… and much more. The attendance is free. For those who want to attend to this event, here is all the information about the program and how to enroll.

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