Enric Carbonell attends the Unitary Patent seminar organized by the epi

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Our partner and Head of the ABG IP office in Barcelona, Enric Carbonell, attended the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court seminar last Thursday, February 16th, promoted by the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi).

The training session was held in Vienna and lasted 8 hours. In the Austrian capital, epi members received up-to-date information regarding unitary patent protection and the Unified Patent Court (UPC). This knowledge will enable them to work with the new system and advise clients on the best strategic options, such as whether to apply for unitary effect for their European patents or whether (and when) to opt for their non-unitary European patents out of the UPC.

Other key topics of the seminar that stood out were: The unitary patent as an object of property, How and when will the UPC become operational?, The structure and territorial scope of the UPC, The relationship between the parallel or subsequent EPO opposition procedures and the UPC-actions or The roles of Patent Attorneys at UPC.

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Three ABG IP partners in the epi committees

The main task of the epi is the development of patent laws, as well as international advice on public policies through the issuance of legal opinions and offering highly specialized advice. On the other hand, the institute also ensures that European Patent Agents comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Currently, the epi has about 12,300 members from the 38 contracting states of the European Patent Convention who work both in industry and in agencies. Its representative body is the Council, which comprises between six and two permanent members from each of the states, and as many substitutes are designated.

ABG IP has three of its partners in the epi committees: Juan AriasAgustín Alconada, and Enric Carbonell. Our managing partner is among the permanent members of the epi Council representing Spain. Among other tasks, this body is in charge of electing a Chamber that is directed by a President. The epi Council meets twice a year. In addition, Juan Arias is the Spanish representative on the Litigation Committee, in which Enric Carbonell has just joined as a substitute.

On the other hand, the epi has 16 committees that are in charge of the different tasks assigned to the organization, such as, for example, the harmonization of patent laws, the training of professionals or the internal organization of the institution. Each of these committees is made up of agents from the different member states. Our partner from our Biotechnology department, Agustín Alconada, has joined the Biotechnological Inventions Committee on behalf of his Spanish peers.

Contributing to improving the intellectual property system in Spain and Europe is one of ABG’s commitments from our origins. With this triple presence in the epi committees, such a mission is in excellent hands.

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