Juan Arias collaborates on the new guide about Antibody Patenting

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  • ABG Intellectual Property’s Founding Partner is one of the expertise guests on the book compiled by Doctor Jürgen Meier & Oswin Ridderbusch, both members of the AIPPI Biotechnology Committee, regarding this topic.

Juan Arias, founding partner of ABG Intellectual Property, is the Spanish representative out of the 35 experts that participate on the book “Antibody Patenting. A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution & Enforcement”. As antibody therapy has become a revolutionary practice for medicine and biotechnology– it is worth mentioning the relevance of immunotherapy on cancer’s treatments- this book will be a great help to all professionals interested in patent protecting antibodies and its uses, not only in our country but at European and International levels also.

A didactic, accessible and intuitive text for IP professionals specialized on Biotechnology & Medicine

Antibody Patenting. A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution & Enforcement” is the fifth volume on the AIPPI Law Series of books published by Wolters Kluwer, focused on the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. This work has been coordinated and compiled by Doctor Jürgen Meier y Oswin Riddersbuch– both members of the AIPPI Biotechnology Committee and very well-known patent attorneys both, in Germany and in the rest of Europe- who wanted to come up with a didactic, accessible and intuitive text. All chapters share the same structure, all divided in six key categories with their correspondent subcategories to facilitate and agile the reader’s comparison among each jurisdiction’s requirements.

In Juan Arias’ own words,

“This book was a pending subject for our field. For me, it is has been a great honour to be part of it, as such a comprehensive, global and easy-to-consult review of such different jurisdictions like this has never been compiled before on just only one volume. Thanks to this initiative, the antibody patenting procedures in all those main international jurisdictions becomes clearer and, with no doubt, we can ensure that the book sets a precedent as a basic consultation tool for IP professionals all around the world”

The Spanish Legal framework

Juan Arias signs this brand new guide’s chapter 7. Through the pages, Arias reviews the current Spanish Legal framework, referencing the work’s main topic, going into details when it comes to the implementation of the new Patent Law that took effect in our country in 2017 replacing the homonym previous one dating from 1986, and, in particular, giving details regarding the antibodies’ protection.

The ABG Intellectual Property’s partner also explains the procedure to follow when you want to prosecute a patent application before the Spanish Patents & Trademarks Office, from the application to its grant, as well as the use of that patent against third parties. Arias details all the different ways to define antibodies in the claims, how wide can be their scope, different types of medical use’s claims for antibodies, etc. And all of this, without forgetting about the European framework to where the Spanish Patents Law belongs.

Antibody patenting at an international level

Besides Juan Arias collaboration, the book compiles another 22 analysis written by IP professionals from other countries such as Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, India, Argentina, United States of America, France, Italy or Germany, among others.

The “Antibody Patenting. A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution & Enforcement” volume can be purchased online via the Wolters Kluwer website, through the following link.

Juan Arias, founding partner of ABG Intellectual Property, is European Patents Agent (EQE, 2004) and Spanish Industrial Property Agent (2003); member of the European Patent Institute Council (epi) and the Patent Litigation Committee, as well as of the AIPPI Biotechnology Committee. Previously, during the 90s, he worked as examiner at the European Patents Office in Munich.

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