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Omomyc, the Myc inhibitor developed by Peptomyc, is closer to the clinic

26 · 03 · 19 - Our clients - ABG-IP

Peptomyc has recently been on the news for having completed preclinical validation studies of Omomyc as effective and tolerable against notoriously difficult-to-treat lung cancer subtype.

Peptomyc has just published a paper in Science Translational Medicine that shows evidence of its Omomyc mini-protein as the first efficient and tolerable Myc inhibitor for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. The treatment has the potential to treat all cancer patients, regardless of their mutational status. In contrast to standard therapies, inhibiting Myc would selectively kill cancer cells without side effects in normal tissues. First human trials of Omomyc will begin in January 2020.

Peptomyc is a company co-founded by doctors Laura Soucek and Marie-Eve Beaulieu in 2014 that is focused on the development of a new generation of cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) targeting the Myc oncoprotein for cancer treatment. The company is based on Dr. Soucek’s scientific research in Omomyc (the best direct Myc inhibitor known to date) over the last twenty years. Since its founding, Peptomyc has been awarded with numerous prizes in national and international startup competitions, such as the Most Innovative Life Sciences Start-up award that Peptomyc won last December at BioFIT 2018.

ABG IP is proud to have collaborated with Peptomyc in the patent protection of Omomyc.


This post was written by Irene Vázquez

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