ABG IP participates in Tech Transfer Week of the Caixaimpulse programme

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  • Enric Carbonell gives a conference on “Protection of patents in pharmaceutical developments”

Knowing what can be patented and what can not, when and how to do it or why to start the efforts for protection in pharmaceutical developments have been some of the content of the presentation of ABG Intellectual Property partner Enric Carbonell to the researchers selected in the Caixaimpulse programme.

The conference “Protection of patents in pharmaceutical developments” took place at the Palau Macaya in Barcelona. At the facility, Tech Transfer Week was held, a week in which members of the 21 selected projects attended roundtables and master classes. They also participated in differences workshops related to technology transfer.

Patents and their value to pharmaceutical companies

We must think that the important thing is not to get a patent, but the value it brings to the company“, Enric Carbonell said during his speech. It also noted that it was necessary to take into account the costs of managing this protection and whether that expense would be offset by the competitive advantage that will be obtained.

In this regard, the partner responsible for the ABG IP Barcelona office recalled that, patents  not only prevent others from using the discovery and open up the possibility of licensing, but they also improve the company’s image and enjoy a special attractiveness to potential investors.

Patent issues should be understood as issues affecting the overall business strategy and not as issues of a particular department“, Enric Carbonell said. He also pointed out that those companies that have a good patent portfolio increases their bargaining power and, ultimately, their market value.

Caixaimpulse: Support for the innovator

Each year, the Caixaimpulse programme selects 21 projects from different research centres. This initiative offers an expert support programme and a financial contribution, aimed at the developing and implementing a plan to assess for the evaluation of the results of those companies and for the development of a marketing plan.

This initiative of the Obra Social de La Caixa also includes the support of reference mentors in each area.

Enric Carbonell began his career in the field of industrial property in 1986 and is a regular speaker in several patent forums including the Magíster Lucentinus of the University of Alicante and the Course of Preparation of the Qualification Examination for European Patent Agent (EQE). Enric joined ABG IP in 2007 as head of the Barcelona office.

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