Six months since the Trade Secrets Law came into effect

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On March 13th, 2019, Law 1/2019, of February 20th, of Trade Secrets (LSS.EE.) entered into force, which set up a new legislative framework that boosts the legal protection of innovation and technology transfer in Spain.

With an improved definition of trade secrets and greater legal certainty regarding the definition of infringement acts, its exceptions, limits and procedural remedies that can be used by the owner of the trade secret, the LSS.EE increases the value of strategic information and the undisclosed knowledge developed and exploited by companies and institutions.

Active measures

Although the new law improves the protection of Trade Secrets, it also requires holders their identification and to take active measures to enforce such protection. The lack of knowledge about these requirements may put at risk important assets for the companies and institutions.

During these last six months, from ABG Intellectual Property we have been advising our clients in adapting their policies for the protection of their confidential information to the requirements of the LSS.EE., through our Trade Secrets Protection Program.

Protection of confidential information

Even if there is still a long way to go, during these six months, at ABG IP we have been observing greater awareness among different types of clients (listed companies, start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, public sector institutions, etc. .) on the adoption of reasonable measures of a legal and organizational nature for the protection of confidential information generated and used in their organizations, as a sine qua non requirement to be able to enforce the protection afforded by the new law.

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